help_keyTechnology is playing an ever increasing and vital role in our lives. Therefore, keeping your computer and network systems performing at their best is critical. Just as important, is staying on top of the latest technological advances in software and hardware. Being able to quickly determine and leverage the best solution gives you and your business a competitive advantage. But honestly, who has the time and expertise to do all of that? If you do not, call Tech Caddie!

tech caddie: \’tek ‘ka-dē\
1 : a specialist who guides you through technology’s fairways on the course to success!

At Tech Caddie, we specialize in guiding residential customers and small business professionals successfully down the fairways of technology. We understand that questions and problems with computing and networking technology can occur at any time and quickly limit your personal and business productivity. When problems occur, call Tech Caddie to get back on the course to success – quickly. Tech Caddie will come to your home or office, accurately diagnose the problem, and explain the best solution to you in terms that even your grandmother would understand!

Tech Caddie offers an array of technical services including repairs and upgrades, network installations, data recovery, security audits, and our unique green upgrade service. For a full list of the services we offer, please see our services page. If you have highly specialized needs, please contact us today and we will create a custom quote to meet your needs.

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